Established: August 2018

URL: https://headsortails.tips/

Heads or Tails is a line monitoring service and a clear betting destination for advantage players around the world. We have some of the best handicappers in the industry who rely on real-time odds, and the latest line moves prior to game time. Furthermore, we give our members access to live betting odds and the best value for their dollar. It’s time to invest smartly through late line movements, using the Heads or Tails platform.

There’s a saying in the sports betting industry; “Late Money is Smart Money!” When you see the line move minutes before game time, it normally means a “sharp player” of influence has just laid his action. Therefore, we’ve built a line service, that allows players to track “Late Linemoves” 15-minutes or less before game time, which gives them an indication on where the “smart money” is going!

First Version: https://web.archive.org/web/20180822072253/https://headsortails.tips/