Established: February 2013


Streakcatcher is a contest site that allows players to make one sport pick a day and try to hit the highest winning streak to win prizes.  If a Streakcatcher player wins their pick, they will receive credit for 1 win. If the player loses their pick, they must start again from zero and work their way up again. If a player ties or pushes a pick at any time during a streak, they DO NOT receive a lost or a win. In fact, a push or a tie during a winning streak will be viewed as a pass, which will allow the player to continue from their current streak.

Streakcatcher players will have 7 days between picks to make their next selection. If a player fails to enter a pick within that 7-day period, they will have to restart from zero. This is 7 calendar days, Monday to Sunday, NOT Monday to Monday!

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